Released on Consumer Waste Records in 2015, Stopcock brings together compositions written by members of The Set Ensemble, all performed by the Ensemble.

The disc contains six compositions by Sarah Hughes, Bruno Guastalla, Patrick Farmer, Dominic Lash and Paul Whitty, the scores for which are all text- or instruction- based. Running the gamut from tonal instrumentation to fluxus antics, sometimes even within one work, this collection refuses to sit tidily within one strand of contemporary music, reflecting the broad influences and practices of the ensemble’s members.

This album was released in conjunction with the fourth issue of BORE. BORE was founded in 2013 by Sarah Hughes and David Stent and publishes scores that are primarily text-based, but may encompass any form of notation or instruction intended for the realisation of musical performance, staged events, texts, images or objects. The fourth issue of BORE collects a number of scores by members of The Set Ensemble, including Angharad Davies, Rhodri Davies, Patrick Farmer, Bruno Guastalla, Sarah Hughes, Dominic Lash and Paul Whitty.


“Stopcock gives a sense of the breadth and depth of approaches pursued by The Set Ensemble’s members, its diverse sounds held together by an openness and willingness to experiment; one can hear them begin to step out from under the shadow of the previous generation of composer/performers and start to speak with their own voices.”
Nathan Thomas, Fluid Radio

“Since forming in 2010, The Set Ensemble have tackled works by composers such as Antoine Beuger, Manfred Werder, and Michael Pisaro. In 2012, they contributed five tracks to the fantasticWandelweiser und so weiter box set released on Another Timbre. But it’s with stopcock that they make their first grand statement as a group. This isn’t to say that their contributions to Wandelweiser were poor (they weren’t) but this record is particularly special because each of its six tracks were composed by members of the group themselves. And considering that all of its musicians are also composers, stopcock proves valuable for its presentation of the synergy and creativity of all its members—both on a performance level and a compositional one.” Joshua Kim, Tome Glow



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